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Corporate Travel

Corporate Travel
Sample Business Expense Chart: 47% Travel; 12.5% Auto Parking; 12.5% Events/Tickets; 7% Dining; 5% Conferencing; 8% Other; 8% Shipping.

Lock down your Business Travel with the "NEW" deem Travel and Expense platform.

Put your travel and business expense costs in one place. As a licensed distributor of the "NEW" deem Corporate Travel and Expense online program, we provide a revolutionary online booking business solution that benefits your entire organization by tracking business costs on a powerful web-based platform.

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deem Travel

  • iPhone Application Photos

    Mobile Access

    With the inclusive deem Mobile Services, your travel plans are at your finger tips when using a Smart Phone or Tablet Computer.

    The deem Mobile Service accesses reservations for flights, hotels, rental cars, airport parking, dining and car services.

  • Microsoft Outlooked Integration

    Microsft Outlook Integration

    Many of our clients choose the deem Travel Solution because it can be fully integrated into Microsoft's Outlook & Gmail.

    This combination puts the powerful features of the deem Travel Solution directly in the center of your business activities and communications.

  • Business Tailored Travel Solution

    Business Savvy

    The deem Travel Solution was developed as a business solution for travelling professionals.

    It is a full featured software solution which tracks everything from travel costs, entertainment expenses, web conferencing and more in one place. It tailors equally to businesses as well as individuals.

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