Groupware Calendar Integration

Groupware Integration with Deem integrated system.

The Deem integrated expense and travel system provides corporations with full calendar and address book integration, email invites, and mobile alerts. Organizations which integrate the Deem enterprise groupware solutions enjoy higher levels of user satisfaction. We have invested in making it easy for organizations to securely integrate Deem with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes groupware solutions.

Microsoft Exchange / Lotus Notes Integration:

As users book services, Deem instantly updates their calendars with reservation details and automatically notifies them of any changes. This convenience eliminates the need for employees to manually enter and maintain reservation information, and ensures that the details are always immediately accessible.

Address Book Integration:

As users ship packages, schedule conference calls and place dining reservations, Deem saves them time by letting them pull contact information straight from their personal and corporate address books.

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Deem the ability to directly integrate with customer calendar and contact systems. By integrating with Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes at an enterprise level users do not have to manually update their calendar, or re-enter existing contact information.

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