iPhone & Mobile Travel Reservations

Mobile Personal AssistantTM

The power and functionality of multiple standalone apps – in one, highly-personalized, symbiotic experience.

Savings for Companies

It's time to give employees a company-approved mobile solution. One that saves time, increases productivity, and is so convenient that adoption will skyrocket. For businesses everywhere, that means finally gaining control of mobile bookings and enforcing policies at the point-of-purchase – in and out of the office. See our business Solutions

Convenience for Employees

Put the capabilities and synchronization of the Rearden Personal AssistantTM into your pocket. Access numerous service categories with one simple app, a single user profile, and the relevancy that only your identity, location, and situation can provide. From any service screen you can one-click call for reservations, notify colleagues of your plans, and receive contextual weather forecasts and interactive maps. Available for BlackBerry®, iPhone, andweb-enabled phones.

Mobile Flight

  • Access complete, organized travel itineraries
  • View carrier, flight number, travel time
  • View terminal, gate, and seat number
  • View number of connections and on-time averages
  • Receive real-time delay and cancellation updates
  • Receive real-time gate change alerts
  • Talk with Specialist agent whenever support is needed
  • Check in with mobile device (coming soon)
  • Board with paperless pass (coming soon)
  • Search additional flights (coming soon for iPhone)

Mobile Dining

  • Browse location-based restaurants
  • Filter restaurants by cuisine and rating
  • Filter by booking support and rewards network

Mobile Airport Parking

  • View details of booked airport parking
  • View pick-up and drop-off dates, times, locations
  • View additional pick-up and drop-off instructions
  • Access confirmation number and view costs
  • View amenities such as covered parking, valet, etc.
  • View airport parking in context of entire trip

Mobile Hotel

  • Browse location-based hotels
  • View details of booked hotel
  • View check-in and check-out dates and times
  • View number of beds, bed and room size, rates
  • View amenities and cancellation policies
  • View hotel in context of entire trip
  • Make changes or reservations with one-click calling
  • Talk with travel specialist whenever support is needed

Mobile Car Service

  • View details of booked car service
  • View pick-up and drop-off dates, times, locations
  • View car type and rates
  • Access confirmation number and view costs
  • View additional pick-up and drop-off instructions
  • View car service in context of entire trip

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